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European Association on Early Childhood Intervention
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Eurlyaid - The European Association on Early Childhood Intervention (EAECI) is a participative association of persons, interested in issues of early childhood intervention as well as a working party made up of representatives of parents’ associations, professionals and researchers, from various countries of the European Union.

Latest News:

+++++ Zero Project Team Nomination of innovative practices of Early Childhood Intervention CLICK for more info +++++

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  • To read about the latest developments within Eurlyaid / EAECI, go to our Blog / News section produced by our members !
  • To learn what Eurlyaid / EAECI is, what are our statutes, who are the members of our board etc. go to our About section !
  • If you want to get informed about past and future events like conferences, working meetings etc. go to the Events section !
  • To study our manifests (our written principles) or take a look into the (multimedia) resource pool, visit the Documents section !
  • Information about the advantages of membership in Eurlyaid and online subscription can be found in our Membership section !

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